Is Lighting Your High-Bay Facility Affecting Your Bottom Line?

You could be paying 50% more than you need to on your electrical bill.

Most high indoor facilities such as warehouses, athletic centres and large retail stores use metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps which produce high-intensity discharge lighting. What most building managers are unaware of is that these types of lighting account for between 50% and 75% of your electrical costs.

Recently there have been great advancements in fluorescent lamps as well as the development of new high-intensity fluorescent fixtures now making fluorescent lighting the most economical solution for lighting in high-bay facilities. Did you know that with the combination of new energy efficient fixtures and occupancy controls, you could realize over 50% savings?

Core Electric can help to identify, design and install efficient lighting in your high-bay facility.

BC Hydro has implemented a new Power Smart High-Bay Lighting Initiative that offers financial incentives for commercial customers. To see if you qualify give us a call 604.291.0609 or go to


Reduce your costs further by adding sensor controls. Lights in Less occupied work areas will only come on when needed and will turn off when not motion is detected.



Benefits of Changing to Engergy-Efficient Florescent Lighting
  • More energy efficient lights help to reduce your operating costs
  • Longer lamp life reduces maintenance costs
  • Enhanced lighting and less glare, allows for better working conditions
  • Reliability - even if a single lamps stops working the florescent fixture will continue to work.
  • As the lamps age, the output of light is maintained
  • No lighting switch delay when the lights are turned off and then on again
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